Sunday, March 27, 2011

Room To Breath–Day 2

Continuing my telling of my little getaway…

First let me start by telling you that I went to bed the night before on a king bed (sweet!) in a nest of pillows.  At one point I realized I need to roll over (or “pancake” as we call it in our family, when you need to flip over) and thought “why is it so light all of a sudden”.  I grabbed the clock and brought it reeeeeeal close (have I mention how awful my eyesight is?  Yeah, it’s bad) and the clock said 7:30!  Now, I really wish I could put that in ALL CAPS for emphasis but you can’t do that with numbers.  You just get &:#).  Which makes no sense at all or looks like I’m trying to curse.

Do you realize what this means?  I slept – SLEPT! From the time I got into bed until morning.  Heck, I didn’t even move out of the position I fell asleep in.  I absolutely cannot remember the last time I did that.  It hasn’t happened since our first was born that’s for sure.  That’s at least 7 years. 

It was the strangest, most disorienting feeling.  Not the waking up in the new place just waking up and having it be morning like that.  It was almost like going under anesthesia.  I remember when I had my wisdom teeth pulled and they put me out.  They said I’d feel a stick and then I’d go to sleep, I thought to myself “OK, I can go to sleep now.” and the next thing I knew someone was shaking my shoulder telling me they were done and it was time to wake up.  This was kind of like that.

AND THEN I stayed in bed for two more hours before getting up. Ha!  TWO HOURS! 

The first thing I did after putting my contacts in was set up my tripod in order to take a picture of me jumping on the bed.  Why would I jump on the bed you ask?  Because my friend, Emily, told me to.  And I ALWAYS do what my friends tell me to!  OK not really but I did think it would be funny to take a picture of me doing it.  And there you go:


Then I tucked into the breakfast that I came prepared with.  (‘Cause I didn’t even want to leave the room to go down for the hotel’s free breakfast.  THAT’S how much I wanted to not leave my room.  Technically, THAT’S how much I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed and I thought they might not let me come back if I went down in pajamas.)


After breakfast I set up my space near the window.  Knitting things and my laptop with my first movie of the day, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.


See how cozy?  And that’s my lunch.  When I watch movies I often like to design my meals around them.  Lord of the Rings makes me want bread, nuts, crackers, summer sausage and hard cheese.  Is that weird?


The view from my spot by the window.  It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day.  So much so that I actually felt a teensy, weensy bit guilty spending it indoors (and that takes a lot for me).  But I did have fun taking pictures of the beautiful day and people watching.  Lots of families came to the water today.  Not to be IN the water of course.  This is the Pacific Northwest and that would be ridiculous.  Just to walk on the rocks and the docks and skip stones and watch the ducks.


The little boardwalk past the hotel (which stuck out entirely over the water) ended at this little dock:


I spent my day working on my shawl (the one I swatched the night before), watching (mostly listening to) movies and eating.  I also painted my nails and took a long hot bath.  *sigh*  It was lovely.  For dinner I found a local RAM restaurant that delivered and had a garlic swiss onion burger and sweet potato fries.  Let’s just say it was a good thing I was rooming alone after that meal!  It was SO good though!  And I’m loving how my shawl is coming along (trying to change the subject here):


Then the sun starts to go down and everything gets all dreamy, smooth and blue.DSC_6511

And eventually it’s time to hit the hay again.  Goodnight knitting.  Goodnight laptop.  Goodnight street lights.  Good night moon (even though I can’t see you).DSC_6517

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Cedar said...

I have always found your movie/food correlations weird. Nothing new there!

Oh, to sleep! Not the best of days.