Thursday, March 24, 2011

Edited Good To WOW Week 11–Flowers

My very first Good to WOW is coming to a close.  Clearly I need to go back and read up on the first 10 weeks because I had no idea what was meant by a few things.  Good thing I have a friend who has been doing it for a while.  I only called her three times with questions. 

One of the recommendations for this week’s GTW was to use a program called Pixel Bender.  I heard that it doesn’t work for my version of PSE though so rather than spend time testing that theory (didn’t have much time today) I played around with filters available on my PSE. 

Here’s the original:



Here’s the clean edit:



Here’s the “artistic” edit with a watercolor filter:


For this particular picture most of the artistic filters didn’t seem to do that much.  Lots of flat background, lots of little flecks in the petals, not much to go with for a poor little filter.  Still, I like the watercolor a lot.  The picture went from bright to moody.  I like both.

And now that writing this post has been interrupted by a call from Rob who is working out of town and many, many requests from Zion to look up funny cat videos on Youtube (a favorite activity of hers) I have no more time left for Good To WOW. Gotta go.  But you can go and check out what other people posted:


But wait, there’s more!  I went back and played with it a little more tonight (it’s midnight, what the heck am I doing up?!) and here’s what I got:


I don’t know, I think I like it.


Cedar said...

I like how it looks purple in the last edit! Very pretty!

withoutadornment said...

I really like how you made relatively ordinary carnations look really cool! Good job with the editing. :)

Mom Photographer said...

I really like your edit! love the texture!

Jill Samter Photography said...

i really like the clean edit! really pretty!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your clean edit looks great - if you have any questions about editing, just give me a shout. So glad you experimented with the artistic filters though. Nice job!

jillconyers said...

I love the final edit. The crop draws the eye to the details of the flower. I didn't get much from the basci filters either. I'm looking forward to trying Pixel Bender.

Amy @ Amy Hogan Photography said...

Love the clean edit sand the closer crop. Have you tried making the background really white like in one of Ashley's first tutorials? That might make the carnations really pop. Good job!

julie said...

Great edits...I really love your second crop - very pretty! :)

Jen said...

Love your final cropped version. I'm often up at midnight, thinking the same thing - hahaha..

Cedar said...

Way to play with crops! I love how the last one really stands out and is bright but pretty. Did you do an artistic filter or just some clean edit stuff?