Monday, March 14, 2011

Alrighty Then

A few weeks ago when the kids had a snow day and I made them that muffin tin lunch they had asked me what was for lunch and I told them they were “making their own darn lunch”.  I was joking around of course, little did I know how much it stuck with Zion.

They’ve all got the sniffles again.  (You would need to beep out some of the words in my thoughts about that, I’m so sick of the sickness.)  Low fevers and snotty noses (and those cute adorable stuffed up voices that come with a child’s cold).  Gideon wanted waffles for lunch and Gabe concurred.  Zion said she wanted “snack lunch” (what I call it when I just throw a bunch of tidbits on a plate and serve it as a meal).  So after I served the boys and called her to the kitchen she came and saw a plate on the kitchen cart and was clearly expecting to see the muffin tin.  Made obvious when she suddenly, sadly blurted “I thought I got to make my own darn lunch”.  She was clearly not trying to be sassy.  She was merely repeating what I had said before.  It was pretty funny.  I’m still laughing, she was so sincere in her plea to make her own darn lunch.

For the record, I filled some muffin tin cups and let her make her own darn lunch (which was my plan all along).

Earlier today I made her some darn leggings.  I bought some women’s socks on sale at Target weeks ago fully knowing I was still suffering from sewing machine anxiety but telling myself I could do it.  I don’t know why but I’m afraid of my sewing machine.  I know if I use it frequently enough I’ll get over it but I wasn’t.  I hadn’t used it in ages.  Well, perhaps not quite that long since I only bought it 5 years ago but I’ve used it a precious few times since then.  Today I finally did it.  I set the machine up, made a bobbin (while consulting the manual), threaded it and made the leggings (super easy just cut off the feet in a line parallel with the top hem and then make a bottom hem).  I do believe these leggings are darn cute.


And she must like them too because she wore them to bed.

DSC_6367p.s. someone has pulled up to standing twice, the first time on Saturday and the second today.  Both times I missed a photo by this ---><--- much.  Darn again.

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