Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Day!

DSC_5905Oh how I love mornings when I wake up and the view out my front window looks like this (at least when I don’t have plans to leave the house). And this is enough snow to get school canceled around here which is what happens when you live in an area loaded with hills and black ice.  Snow days, snow days, I love snow days.  (At least one at a time so the kids don’t get sick of each other.)DSC_5908

Days when I can take pictures like this right from the back door.  Beeee-autiful.


And thanks to one of Gabe’s birthday gifts we had a perfect indoor activity. We built paper airplanes and they flew them off the landing on the stairs.


Then they can go outside to play (and I love the I am not required to go with them).DSC_5932


And even though Gideon wasn’t entirely thrilled that I made him put on a hat and gloves he actually seemed appreciative after a moment and kept them on the whole time he was outside.  And I love blessing thi kids with hot cocoa when they come inside. Especially when they remember to take off their snow laden clothes off on the rug by the back door and don’t track it all over the house.


And I love that we have a fireplace so that everything can be tossed in front of it to dry.  THAT is going to be one wet glove in a minute or two!


And I love sudden inspirations for meals that the kids will eat.  I loaded up a muffin tin with tidbits of this and that and let the kids load up their own plates.  They showed surprising restraint in the presence of marshmallows.DSC_5947DSC_5954

And I love that I finally got a photo of one of Elias’ favorite activities (though I think it would be good to get it on video too) which is to put the spoon in his mouth, let go and then bob it up and down.  It’s really, really funny.

So, yes, I love snow days and even though I’m really looking forward to Spring I’m very happy that we got another snow this year and that we got to have another snow day.

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Marfa said...

Do you guys have a red Toyota 4runner? That one parked outside in your photo looks just like ours...