Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All I Want Is…

…a coaster. Just one coaster. One coaster that stays on the end table near where I sit so I can have a place to put my tea or my water. Just one coaster that doesn’t disappear to be found later stacked with the building blocks or a bed to a tiny toy animal. I also wanted one that wasn’t stone. I have some of those but the sound of my tea mug scraping the stone gave me the heebie jeebies like fingernails on a chalk board. Also one that didn’t stick to the bottom of my water glass. Don’tcha hate that? I know I do.

So on Friday when I had a rather tough day involving a dead car battery, begging a favor from a neighbor to get Gabe to the bus stop, calling AAA, getting Gideon to the walk-in clinic for his nasty cough and fever, a trip to the pharmacy and spilling his antibiotics once we got home I figured I needed to feel like I accomplished something. While the kids napped I got to work. I found a pattern that was circular and had different color stripes. I wanted the stripes but not the work of changing yarn to get them so I chose a Noro yarn that changed color throughout the skein. I intended only to knit one but I got hooked on the evolving color patterns so I used the whole skein and made five.

They looked like this at first:


All loose and floppy with curly edges. That little blob of yarn on the left is what was left of the skein. I cut it close.

But after felting and de-pilling the looked like this:


A nice, tight fabric that won’t give me the heebie jeebies or stick to my water glass. Yeah! (And to answer a question, yes, they are quite flat although the color changes make them look "lumpy".)

Ooo, pretty.

DSC_5478I started with the one in front, knit from the center out, round and round. The color of the edge of one will be the color in the center of the next one because of this. The first one went from purple to blue, then blue to green, green to brown, brown to pink and finally pink back to purple. I love the tidiness of how that worked out.

DSC_5481Coaster Close up

And right now, right as we speak my water bottle is resting on the blue/green one. It may be the only one I get too as the kids have already expressed interest in the coasters. For blankies and rugs for their toys of course.


Cedar said...

Initially I thought you were showing pictures of what you knit and gave J at her tea. Coasters makes more sense. Are they flat enough? I don't think I could do that but it is the size of project I like.

Marfa said...

They are SO pretty...I would like to find some Noro yarn! You're so inspiring.