Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo Update

Pictures from our life over the last few days. 

Tuesday my friend Jennifer passed along an invitation to join her and her son Trevor at a local Parks and Rec for their Mini-Gym.  We went and it was so fun for the kids.  Not that it wasn’t for me but I was too big for the roller coaster car.

I’m still pouting.


Outside Gideon immediately found a puddle.  Anything containing more than a few drops of water is a puddle to him and requires much splashing.


Tuesday we bought a car.  *sigh*  I’m still processing that myself.  Rob’s truck is a gas guzzler for sure and was starting to get to that age where keeping up with repairs could potentially suck us dry.  So in the name of saving (tons of) money on gas and (even more tons of) money on repairs he is now driving a new Ford Focus.  I’m hoping my trepidation over having a car payment isn’t squashing all of his joy over having a new toy …er, I mean car.  It also wasn’t much fun to spend so much time in the waiting room at the dealership with the kids while the paperwork was drawn up.  Here’s is Zion having made a “bed” for herself in which to play her DS.  Smart girl.


Earlier this week I experimented with making coloring pages for Zion.  I took a photograph of mine and played with it SEVERELY using Photoshop Elements, saved and then transferred it to a Word document where I used WordArt to add the letters.  Now she has coloring pages that will help her learn her letters that are personal.  This page “F is for friend” has a picture of her and her friend Kaitlyn.  I just thought it would be cool, ya know.


Two night ago I finished this tiny blanky bunny for a friend’s baby.  It is surprisingly easy and a quick knit for those times when you suddenly realize you forgot you have a baby shower the next day (are there any other times).


I heard Elias’ squeal for help.  Much to his chagrin I laughed and got my camera instead.  Can’t you just hear him thinking “Would you just put the camera down and get me out of here – I stuck!”


A little while later he’s all tuckered out from playing and ready for his morning nap.  Awwww…


Wednesday morning Zion woke up coughing and with a fever.  She spent the day nestled on the couch with her princess blanket watching movies and playing DS.  She’s so mellow when she’s sick.  Is it wrong that I like that so much?  Just say no.


Elias had a wet through.  No surprise there, he has one to three of them a day.  They don’t make a diaper that can hold what that boy can put out.  I didn’t have new clothes handy and the sun was coming in the slider so I let him play for a while.  Zion put the blanket on him.  First she covered his head and was waiting to see if he could take it off but I put the kibosh on that.  Even though it was kind of funny.


Elias and I love to play with the ladybug toy.  It’s eyes light up and it makes funny noises.  I also thought it was cool that I could frame his eyes with the antennae.  Looks like specs. 


And that’s the last few days.  Today Zion AND Gabe have slight fevers as do I.  Again.  *sigh*  When will the sickness end?!!!


Joel said...

I love the coloring book idea! I'm so stealing that.

Cedar said...

It might be bad to be glad your child is sick and thus mellow, but if it is, I'm right there with you.