Thursday, April 3, 2008

Prayer Request Update

This morning my women's Bible study met at our regular time despite our missing leader. At the closing we were informed that the news is not good. The treatment that is available to my dear friend might buy her a year according to her doctors. That being the case her and her family have come to the difficult decision to not treat. This is just simply difficult to acknowledge. The prognosis that is, not their decision which I also agree is best for them. My mind is stubbornly hanging on to her as I know her now and the fact that she is living and refusing to look forward, and thus face what is inevitable. Another part wants to argue that we have simply not had her long enough and there is so much that I want to learn from her still. She is just one of those wonderful people, warm and caring, wise and so willing to give, that you just want to be surrounded by them all the time. Yet, we trust God that He has her days numbered and that he is in control and has her best at heart. It doesn't feel like this is the best, something like this will never feel "best". I ask for continued prayer. That we will not limit God in what He can do in this situation or pray only selfishly but to pray for what is best for my friend, Lawanna.


Hall Family said...

Wow, Julie, that stinks. I am so sorry. How old is she. Not that that changes anything, but does she have young kids to pray for too?

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Life sure throws unexpected things our way.
Nothing is a surprise to God, he knows all our new normals.
I will say a prayer for your friend, and you.

Thanks so much for learing and wathcing Alex grow, it means so much to me.
Brought tears to my eyes to see our blog on your page. Thank you for your prayers.....Thank you.