Tuesday, April 8, 2008

No cavities!

Took the kids to the dentist today. On previous visits Gabe wouldn't sit for the x-rays, it was just a titch too overwhelming for him. This time, however, he jumped right up in the chair and bit down on the film and did everything perfect - what a champ! Then he sat through his cleaning perfectly too while Zion sat on my lap and watched. The dentist told Gabe his teeth look perfect and then it was Zion's turn. Usually for her age I would hold her on my lap with her legs around my waist and her head at my knees, looking up of course. Then the dentist would check her teeth as best as possible. But knowing Zion like I do I suggested we just put her in the chair. She was squirming laying on my lap anyway not to mention that I don't have much of a lap left. The instant I plopped her in the dentist chair she froze and laid there perfectly still like she'd done it a million times with those silly big sunglasses they use so the light doesn't blind you. She let the dentist poke around in her mouth and brush the vitamins on and everything. She fears nothing. Once she sees someone do something she wants to do it too, that simple.

That said, I love my kids' very different personalities. They are both so fabulous and unique. Gabe is so sensitive and caring, he needs to be "prepped" all the time and know what is going to happen in advance or he can get a bit overwhelmed. He's studious, has been since birth, and hits his academic milestones early. He's sweet and funny and cuddly and affectionate with anyone. Zion careens through life like a bull on the run. She hits her physical milestones early and it's hard to get her to sit still long enough for even the shortest book. She's a tomboy and yet caring and maternal. She loves to live precariously, often pretending to "fall" off her ride-on toys or your lap while screaming "woahhhhhh!" and the next minute she's wrapping her stuffed dog in a baby blanky, carefully feeding bits of cereal to her cow puppet or craddling her baby doll. It makes me so excited to meet this new baby.

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