Thursday, April 24, 2008

N, O.

Two simple letters that make one simple word (or two I guess if you rearrange them). There are times when hearing the word "no" is a good think like when you ask "Is it cancer, doctor?" and he or she says "No." Wow, that's fabulous. Who doesn't want to hear that? But in the hands - or mouth, of a 17 month old "no" takes on a whole new meaning. Zion picked up "no" a day or two ago. So far she hasn't abused the word but I know it's coming. I can picture her now, hands on hips, face stern, angry eyebrows on, barking "no" at me for something.

Yesterday she probably picked up about 8 new words, seriously. Most of them were uttered while we were looking through a book. It was one of Gabe's books so she was pointing and saying "cah" and "cuck" for car and truck. Today, I thought she also started saying "poop" (because she's been so interested in pottying lately) but then at lunch when she said "fruit" it sounded exactly the same thing. Hmmm? Scratching my head here. So when she says that word, whatever it is, do I take her potty or give her a snack? I guess we'll figure it out eventually.

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