Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gabriel's Dream

Gabe says he had a couple of dreams last night. I asked him if he wanted me to write them out and he said yes so here goes.

One time when we were going to church, uh, and I was in my class I went on the slide top and, uh, and it was a long way up there... and, Lily woke me up and I went down the curvy slide and she was under it and so I went under it and I said "what's wrong, Lily?" and she said "I miss my friends." and well, I gave her uh some stuff to sleep with so I could sleep. And that's the end of that first dream.

Then Gabe told me that he must have just been confused and only had one dream.

We got Gabe a writing tablet so that he can write out his stories without worrying about him writing in books anymore. He is very excited and yesterday wrote "Percy and James cause confusion and delay." If you aren't familiar with Thomas the train stories this won't make sense but this is a statement that Sir Topham Hatt says all the time.

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