Monday, April 21, 2008

It's My Due Date!

Unfortunately, that doesn't mean much to babies, does it? Our little guy or girl is taking after Gabe and Zion and seems to be content to be fashionably late. I had a visit with my OB today and things aren't much different than they were last week. My blood pressure is good and there are no other signs of me or baby being in distress (although I would argue about my personal comfort). I have another appointment next Monday for a check up, non-stress test on the baby and an ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid level. If those things are all good then they will likely induce at the end of next week. That actually gives this baby two weeks to move out on its own.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... Gabe is content to kiss my belly a dozen times a day and Zion happily points to EVERY picture of a baby that she sees and every real baby that we run into while we're out and gleefully shouts "baby!". I think she will be very happy having her "own" baby. Not to say she won't have to adjust like the rest of us but she is a very maternal little girl.

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