Saturday, April 5, 2008


I just want to preface this by stating it is completely my fault. First, we were at the library and I noticed that they had a brand new train book displayed on the shelf. I pointed it out to Gabe and we sat down to read it right there. It turns out it's the type of book that just has pictures and no words so we just flipped through it quickly but I asked him if he wanted to check it out. He said yes so I asked "will you make up the story to go with the pictures?" because Gabe is the kind of kid who doesn't really like to do that. He said yes so we brought it home.

Fast forward to about twenty minutes ago. Rob has Zion upstairs for bath and he is going to call down for Gabe in a few minutes. I am on the couch (which by the way is one of Zion's new words - "chuch") doing my best to stay awake. Gabe was playing but then goes to the kitchen table where his craft things are and he starts asking me how to spell words. He says he has spelled "Murdoch" and "Thomas" already and wants to spell "and" so I tell him. A very fast moving thought flits through my head that went something like this "I wonder what he's writing on." which I dismiss because he has lots of paper and color books and things right there handy. Then he asks me how to spell "puffing down the line" so I tell him. When he is finished I ask if I can see his writing and he brings it to me. Much to my dismay, this is what I saw -

Oh dear. I should have checked. I'm thinking that because last month at school he was taught how to keep a journal and draw pictures to go with his entries and then my firmly making sure that if we checked the book out that he would make up a story he thought that he was supposed to write it right there in the book. Yikes! I was so proud of his writing and yet so, well, horrified might be a bit strong but it's pretty close. I've already looked up "how to remove crayon from books" online and gotten some really good ideas. I'm extra appalled because the book is brand new, honestly, I don't think anyone had checked the book out before us. Not to mention that the library is like my mecca (if I had one). I have my library card number memorized. I feel shame when I have a late fee. This is so much worse. Actual damage to a book that we borrowed. Oh the horror!!!!!!!! I really hope that I can get it off. Poor Gabe. I wanted to praise him up and down for his writing but had to restrain myself and tell him that he's not to write in books anymore. Tomorrow I told him we would get some other paper that he can finish his story on.

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