Monday, April 14, 2008

No Baby Yet.

I thought perhaps that last night was going to be it. I had some really good strong contractions that started at 15 minutes apart and went down to 10 minutes. I thought at least they would turn into something by morning since this was similar to how labor started with Zion. So I got up and got the house and me ready for bed thinking that getting up and walking would make them stronger as well and that I should try to sleep if labor is coming anyway. No such luck. Typical for me my body reacted opposite how it was supposed to and by the time I was ready for bed the strength had gone out of the contractions. So no baby. My due date is a week from today. Oh well, looking on the bright side it looks like I will get to go to my MOPS meeting tomorrow. :)

Yesterday was fun too because got to surprise my sister with a birthday party. Her birthday is the 22nd. One of her friends who I've gotten to know through her had the idea that she could throw me a baby shower as a disguise for Jamie's birthday party. We don't very often get to surprise Jamie since it's hard to even find a time to have a party for her at all because she's so darn busy so this was a lot of fun. So Happy Early Birthday Jamie!

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