Friday, April 11, 2008

Just Stuff Today

Yesterday in the mail we got a box from Rob's mom for the kids for Easter. Gabe got a puzzle and Zion got a cute hat. Gabe started the puzzle immediately but we had to be out last night (tried to walk myself into labor running errands but it didn't work) so he didn't get to finish it until today. He really enjoyed talking about how the chicks had dyed their eggs. I failed to get a picture of Zion in her hat, will put it on my t0-do list. Thanks Grandma Marlene!
The other day Zion decided that it was funner to sit inside the empty toy cupboard then to play with the toys that she had pulled out. Today, in fact, right this second, both she and Gabe are inside the cupboard. It's going mostly well with them both sharing that close of quarters. Mostly.
Yesterday we had a special treat and the kids got a cake doughnut for breakfast. I'm not sure if Zion got more in her belly or in her lap.
I can't believe that I haven't posted any pictures of the critters yet. Here's my cat Ben in Rob's lap and Towzer our dog wishing there was enough room in Rob's lap for him, too. Towzer is a five-year old American Bulldog/German Shepherd mix. He's kind of a nut. OK, not kind of, he's certifiable. Ben is 4-years old and lost his left rear leg in an accident when he was only about six weeks old, just before we got him. Both of them joined our family while we lived in Rhode Island. When we first got Ben he could have fit in a teacup and he would steal big ol' Towzer's bed and chew on his face and poor Towz never did anything in his defense.

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