Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Texture Tuesday

If I’d had my head on straight I would have had this ready to go last night.  Ah well, it’s still Tuesday so I’m not technically late even though I feel like it.

My offering for Texture Tuesday this week is this scooter-turned-planter that we discovered on the Yarn Crawl.  It sits in front of Fancy Image Yarns and I think it’s adorable!


This is using one of Kim’s magic textures at only about 25% on screen mode.

Go check out Kim’s site to see what other people have posted for this garden themed Texture Tuesday.

Kim Klassen Café


Henrietta said...

That is awesome, I would even take it as a scooters, it is so cute colored:)

Holly said...

I sooo love this scooter! Awesome work on this one :)

Cedar said...

I still haven't really worked on my yarn crawl pictures and I know there are a few I really like. I didn't get one of the pink scooter; very nice!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

A pink scooter, how fantastic! Love the texture work.

Anonymous said...

I would so be snapping shots of this creative gardening as well! It is a real treasure to find these kinds of eye candy! Thanks for sharing & Happy Texture Tuesday! AND an even BIGGER THANK YOU to your husband and your entire family for your service to this country. {read your bio} It always makes me teary-eyed to hear what others have sacrificed in order for me to enjoy the freedoms that I take so for granted. God Bless you all BIG TIME! Xo

amber heagerty said...

Awesome!Love the pink scooter 8]

Anonymous said...

so neat idea for a plant pot :)
Great photo, as well!