Friday, May 13, 2011

Everything’s Coming Up…


Or Rosie, at least.  We have a new member in our family.


Her name is Rosie if you hadn’t guess.  She is a one-year old Terrier mix that we adopted only just this evening.  A second family dog is something we’ve been tossing about for years.  Every once in a while I’d take a peek at Petfinder for dogs in our area.  I wanted something small to medium so the kids could play with her without getting knocked over, a female so I wouldn’t have to worry about marking on the kids’ outside toys (something Towzer does that drives me absolutely nuts) and a somewhat mellow dog. 

I had previously ruled out getting a terrier because they often aren’t good with small children and small pets and they have out of this world energy levels, something I don’t want to deal with. But something about her little face on the website made me inquire anyway.  Her foster mom and I went back and forth a few times talking about her personality before we went to see her tonight.  She was pretty mellow, we’ll have to see if she stays that way after she settles in.

Tonight she got a bath and played with her new toy for a while, tossing it up and trying to catch it – hilarious! And is now sleeping in her new bed.  Not bad for a first night.


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