Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good To WOW Week 19–Rain/Umbrellas Pt. 2

Just a quickie tonight, I didn’t have time to check on the edits earlier and I have a headache tonight.  The next few days aren’t looking hopeful for more time so rather than not post anything I’m just going with my first, and so far only, edit on one of my photos.

I like it though and sometimes I have a hard time continuing to try different things with a photo once I’ve done something I like.  So here’s my umbrella shot:

Old Spaghetti Factory with Nora and Jamie

Seattle is typically gray enough without having to go B&W – ha ha – but as I was fussing around with this trying different things I just realized that I really wanted the background ALL gray scale.  Or all gray anyway.

Here’s the original:

Old Spaghetti Factory with Nora and Jamie

The original looks pretty gray doesn’t it?  But once you work on the white balance and levels and such it’s SO bright!  It was RUINED!  LOL  I AM a Washington girl!  Give me gray!  But also give me a bright umbrella.  :)


Cedar said...

Nice! I definitely like the brighter umbrella! I think this is a good use of selective color, too.

Ashley Sisk said...

I'm loving your edit - that color is contagious! Great job.

momphotographer said...

Those shots are awesome!!! have to try it! you inspired me right here :) thanks!