Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ten Months and Three Years

Just a little behind on Elias’ nine-month check up.  He saw the doc last Friday and got a clean bill of health.  My little guy weighs in at just over 21 pounds and is long enough (meaning, I forgot how long but it felt weird to not say something about it).  Gideon also had his check up and he weighs 29 pounds.  Yep, that close.  Gideon has actually moved up on the charts, he was around the 25th percentile last visit and about 50th this visit.  Mostly I don’t care about those stats but because of his growth problems in the first year (remember when he actually SHRANK between 9 and 11 months – scary) it pleases me to see him moving up.  We will need Gideon to see his allergist again soon and I’m praying for a good improvement there as well.

Elias is a smiley guy who claps and waves and says “Hi Dad!” and the when I ask him to say “Hi Mom!” he says “Hi, daDA!” as if the emphasis changes something somehow.  He is also pretty close to walking.  Lately he’s taken to “crawling” on his hands and tip toes with his bum in the air.  It’s really funny and kind of creepy at the same time (only because he reminds me of Samara from The Ring when he does that, I guess that means I shouldn’t get him on video doing it LOL).

They are both so sweet and funny and energetic.  I’m so blessed!

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