Monday, May 16, 2011

Good To WOW Week 19–Rain/Umbrellas

My home state was MADE for this week’s theme and sure has given me a ton of opportunities to get shots of rain this week but wouldn'tcha know, it’s practically sacrilege to use an umbrella where I’m from.  LOL  We do have them though.  I had plans to break out the cute ones the kids have (which rarely get used) and get some REALLY FANTASTIC photos of umbrellas (and probably rain).  Can’t really explain what happened however.  I only ended up with four (and three of them are nearly the same).  None of them were what I had planned but shots I happened upon on my Yarn Crawl over the weekend.

One of the yarn shops happened to be using an umbrella to display some knitted hats.

Yorkshire Yarns, LakewoodYorkshire Yarns, LakewoodYorkshire Yarns, Lakewood

This one is my favorite.  After the yarn crawl my friend, my sis and I stopped for dinner and it was POURING!  I used an umbrella.  I was the only one.  I’m afraid I might just have my Born and Raised in Washington status stripped from me.  Anyway, we had to wait for a table at the restaurant so my friend and I went outside to shoot some umbrella pics.  I had the sudden inspiration to have her spin the umbrella.  Whee!  I love to use slow shutter speeds to show motion.

Old Spaghetti Factory with Nora and Jamie

Oh it was so gray and dark and rainy.  And my friend didn’t even complain that I made her stand in the rain with an umbrella but didn’t let her put it over her head.  What a good friend!



Cedar said...

Ha! Wait until you see the pictures I posted, then tell me I'm a good friend.

Your spinning umbrella turned out very nice. I had some with the hats, too, but mine just didn't look interesting.

Jill Samter Photography said...

definitely a good friend! great job!

Amy said...

I love the umbrella pictures especially the last one in action! Great idea and great shot!

mommy of Five said...

i love the last shot!

Ashley Sisk said...

Oooh I love the last shot - great idea to slow the shutter speed.

Michelle said...

hehe. Definitely a great friend!!

That's a cool way to display the hats.. hum. Who would'av thought.

But that last shot -- really cool!! I tried that once before and liked how it came out.... this looks really cool!! I can see it brightened up a touch to pop the colors, and maybe cropped a bit in closer... :) But it's really great sooc! :)