Monday, May 9, 2011

Good To WOW Week 18–Mother’s Day

And what a Mother’s Day it was!  Rob made a wonderful breakfast and the kids blessed me with cards and hugs.  Gabe gave me a coupon good for one time of him preparing me a bowl of cereal.  I’ll take it!  Then we had a lovely time at church, I felt so blessed sitting there with my kids snuggled so close. Afterward we parted ways.  Rob took the kids to play at a park and I got to go have lunch with my friend and afterward we got to go on a little photo outing at a local nursery.  Though the lighting wasn’t the best it was nearly impossible to not get at least a decent photo in just about every shot.  So hard to choose just one or two or even three when you have a few hundred.  Arg! 

Please forgive me for not narrowing it down further, it was all I could do to get it down to just these.  DSC_7842


I thought the statue was hilarious.  Then I looked at the picture when I got home and realized all the tags on the flowers below him WERE him.  And because I can hear him saying “Gum, gum, dum-dum!” (Ever see Night at the Museum?)


My friend (you would know her as Cedar) who is truly a great friend and a great mom.


I so want these boots!


I was going to take a picture of this cute little bird but it mooned me so I got a picture of a cute little birdy behind instead.  :)

Check out the other entries or go enter yourself, everyone of is invited and there are varying skills so don’t think you aren’t good enough.



Cedar said...

My favorite is the red flowers, though I like the orange daisy's too, and all the others! I want to go back and try again--maybe with a macro lens? Did you see Jill's dandelions? That is what macros are for!


Lynda said...

Lots of great photos! The first one is my favorite though. Great exposure, composition and focus!

Michelle said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great day!! And hehe -- love the birdy-bottom! That would be my luck too!

Leovi said...

Beautiful soft tones of the flowers, wonderful.Beautiful and sweet portrait, excellent. Greetings.