Sunday, April 3, 2011

Well, I DeClaire

Zion announced recently that her name is now Claire.  I have a few thoughts about that. 

1) Isn’t it kind of early for her to reject her name?  I mean, I know most kids do, especially girls, but at FOUR?  Such an overachiever.

2) Isn’t it kind of odd how she just happened to pick a name that I love and actually had on my “girl names list” since before I even got married.  In fact, had Elias been a girl he would have been “Hosanna Claire”.  We never really talked about that with the kids though so I don’t think she knew.

3) How am I going to keep it straight?  I have a hard enough time with the given names of my kids.  I been threatening to just start calling all of them “Hey, you!” and teaching them to stop when they hear that to see if I’m pointing at them.

She’ll probably change it back right about the time I start remembering to call her Claire.

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