Saturday, April 30, 2011

It’s Gideon’s Happy Birthday.

“It’s Gideon’s Happy Birthday” has been Gideon’s mantra the last few days.  It is extremely cute.  Especially when you realize that it is what he is calling the birthday card he got from his Grandma Marlene.  It has Lightning McQueen on it and he’s been carrying it around since and if you ask him about it he holds it up proudly and says “It’s Gideon’s Happy Birthday.”  Not his birthday card.  His “happy birthday”.  *sigh*  Adorable.

Tonight when we said bedtime prayers we each said something we are like about Gideon and I had to say to I love his enthusiasm.  Every little thing is worthy of a celebration to Gideon.  He loves Lightning McQueen plain ol’ potato chips and bacon (he had that for lunch).  He is absolutely not at all interesting in potty training but loves to make his own Ego waffles and with a little assistance makes some killer scrambled eggs.  What a nut.

So today we celebrated his birth three years ago, such a beautiful, joyful addition to our family.


And maybe a little bit mischievous.


Zion helped me decorate the cake.  And her face.


The cake was a homemade chocolate, my first layer cake usually I do sheet cakes.  I also couldn’t find one of Gideon’s smaller McQueen cars to use.  Until after the party of course.


Isaac loves to hit up our dress up bin when he comes to play.


Matthew acted as a substitute daddy to Elias for a while since he was bored with me and Rob was busy at the barbecue.


Rob picked up How To Train Your Dragon from the Redbox last night and we loved it so we put it on during the party.


And it was a gorgeous day so the kids got to play outside for a while.


Gideon only tolerated my taking his picture for a minute and then he kept saying “No more, Mama! No more!”

On to presents:


Art supplies, yay!


His very own Cars helmet though it doesn’t quite register why he might be getting a helmet.


He also got a Lightning McQueen racetrack and a stuffed Timmy lamb (lower left corner).


And that would be why we gave him the helmet.


Zion helps Gideon take his first ride.


Elias thinks he’s quite big enough to go for a ride too.


He’s got his helmet and his Timmy NOW he’s really ready to go for a ride.


Though the track was a big pain for me to put together the kids had a great time with it.

Time for cake!


And this is when I realized I completely failed as a mother.  Gideon had no idea what to do with the candle.  Even when we tried to show him his teeny little puff of breath between his teeth stood no chance of even making the flame flicker.  Isaac stepped up to help though otherwise I think we’d still be waiting for him to blow out the candle.


And the party is over but I thought I’d tease you with a shot of that yummy cake.  Oh so good.


Cedar said...

Sorry I missed the party and that cake! I did have a most excellent weekend! See you in the morning.

Marfa said...

He looks too little for that bike, but I'm sure soon he will be riding it. Mmmm...that cake looks good. WAY better than a store-bought one. My daughter has high expectations, she only wants homemade cakes...and I'm glad!