Friday, April 8, 2011

Growing Up

Gabe’s class earned an in classroom sleepover with their good behavior throughout the year.  *gulp*  I’m about to send my baby boy off to a sleepover.  He’s done sleepovers before but this is different.  I’m trying to stay calm about it.  Breathing in and out.





Today I had another realization that my boy is growing up.  Backstory, for days now I’ve been blaming the cat for a noxious smell in my house.  It had gotten so bad that I was actually mentally preparing for how to tell Zion we would have to get rid of Eva because we absolutely cannot have a cat who pees in the house.  (Naturally this would be a ways down the road after vet checks and every attempt to clean the house and retrain her to use the box.)  I’d clean the box and put in all new litter, I’d empty every garbage and spray everything with Lysol in case it was a diaper that someone had tossed in the trash instead of putting in the garage.  I’d think I’d get rid of it and then it would come back.   

I’m going around my house with my nose to everything to find the culprit.  This morning I thought it was cat pee in Gabe’s room because it smelled HORRID when I got the boys up this morning.  I cleaned ALL day today and even washed the rug by the back door and all the dog beds and animal blankets.  When I put Gideon down for nap their room didn’t smell anymore and I thought “Woohoo!  Smell is GONE!”  Then just now I finally paused to take a break and discovered it was back.  Arg!  And then I realized Gabe had come home from school.  And he brought his stinky, smelly, nasty, noxious socks and shoes (and likely his feet) with him. 

Ugh.  My boy has taken one more step to manhood (pun intended). His feet stink.  Lord help us.


knit one, knit two said...

Ah yes, the beaner stink! I discovered it last year when doing the boy's wash and noticed the distinctive odor in his hamper. And for a moment it made me feel sad that he was growing up - what happened to my little kid, you know? As for the shoes, they're parked in the mudroom to keep the stink in one place. :). Lovely blog!

Emily said...

I just learned from Dr. Oz that soaking your feet about two times a week in a baking soda bath goes a long way in fighting foot odor.