Friday, April 1, 2011

Take My Poll!

Because I realize that I’ve been mostly posting about photography lately and I’d really like to know how you feel about that.  Go take a look to the right and vote for one of the following regarding whether or not I should have a separate blog for photography:

1) No!  Keep it here I like it!

2) Yes, but I’ll visit both blogs!

3) Yes!  It’s taking over and I’m not interested.

Seriously don’t feel bad if you want to pick #3, I won’t be hurt.  Though photography is a part of my life it’s not why most of you, up until a couple of weeks ago, were coming here.

But hey, if more of you like it than not I’ll keep it here so you don’t have to visit me in two places.


Marfa said...

In my all goes together good photography and family!

Emily Schueler said...

I for one, believe pictures truly do tell our life story and so I love seeing life revealed. Keep up the great work!