Thursday, April 14, 2011

‘bout Halfway

We have made it about halfway through Rob’s time away and I’m pleased to report that things are going really well.  I’m exhausted as silly things keep waking me up throughout the night (who knew there was a Zhu Zhu Pet tucked under the blanket at the foot of my bed?  I discovered it when it went off at 3AM last night) but otherwise we’ve been keeping busy and having a good time.


We went to play group where I got an adorable shot of Elias’ little bottom and his chubby toes.



I “forced” Gideon to endure a brief photo shoot so I could capture the color green.



Gabe won an award at AWANA.



There was one beautiful sunny day on which I plucked my dying tulips and used the bowl we received for our wedding to capture some really interesting shadows.



There has definitely been some playing going on.


And I’ve lost count of how many little bickers I’ve mediated.  (“Mommy, Wiason (Elias) toucha my stoo’.)



I stood in the rain with an umbrella and my camera to get a shot of a rainbow.


Jamie and I surprised the kids with a visit from her.  They were super thrilled!


I finally got a somewhat OK shot of Maisy’s ginormous feet.  Six toes on each foot instead of 5 on each front and 4 on each back.



And more playing and fun.  When Gideon tries a piece that doesn’t fit he says “Not quite.” and tries again, then says “TADA!” when he finds the right spot.

I can feel all the prayers you guys are sending up.  Thanks so much and keep it up!  A little more than a week left before Rob comes home.  I’m hoping the second week will be at least as fun as the first.

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Allison Hoffman said...

here's to halfway!! You have great shots to keep Daddy filled in on what's going on at home :)