Friday, April 1, 2011

Picture Perfect–Muse 1

Oh yeah!  Another photo challenge (this one’s actually a contest and you can enter three photos each in a different post).  After the gray weather today during which I wondered if I would ever want to take another photo again (yes, me, feeling down by gray weather – even I didn’t know it was possible) the theme of this photo challenge is brightening my spirits.  I’m to post a photo of my muse, something or someone that makes me want to pick up my camera and take photos.



Flowers.  There is just something about a flower.  Something that makes me sit in awe of God’s creation and urges me to make something too.  Flowers just seem to sum up all of the simplicity and beauty that God has out there for us.  The epitome perhaps of all the beauty there is and in endless variety.  Different sizes, shapes, colors, smells.  I was going to say “kind of like people” but then I tacked “smells” onto the end of that statement and suddenly it didn’t seem quite as nice but it is still true. 

So, you knew it was coming right, click on the pretty little button to participate and/or check out the other entries. 


Nancy said...

I really appreciate the crisp focus and all those shades of pink. Pink can be overwhelming sometimes, but here it is just right all the way through the blossoms to the leaves and even the branches have a bit it pink. Really a lovely image!
Thank you for participating,

Kayce said...

Beautiful! I was telling my husband tonight that I want to go out and do some plum blossom shots sometime before they are've inspired me!