Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Rob leaves in the morning for almost three weeks.  He heads to Guam for his two-week annual training (made almost three weeks with the addition of travel) where he gets to go support the guys who support our submarines (and by our I mean the US not ours personally).  If you’re the prayin’ sort send some up for us.  It is always hard when he’s gone so long though I have to remind myself we did it for a year when he was deployed so this should seem easy, right?  I hope and pray that time flies and that we feel safe and emotionally and spiritually secure while he is away and that sleep will be abundant for all, it makes such a huge difference.  And so do your prayers.  I can feel them.  Thanks!

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Allison Hoffman said...

I'll def be in prayer. Even if it's shorter than a year, it's always difficult being without your hubby!