Friday, December 17, 2010

I Just Love ‘em

I suppose I could just about title every post like that. Sometimes it’s about all I can manage to think at times. I just love them. I just love YOU when I’m looking at them. When I’m holding them I think “I just love them, God, thank you for giving them to me.”

I sense that I’m about to go down a rabbit trail so I’m going to rein myself in, not that you’ll notice, and tell the story I meant to tell today.

This afternoon I was just flat out pooped. I was up very late last night getting the house ready to host my women’s Bible study Christmas party. I didn’t know I was going to host until yesterday afternoon so the house just was not ready. Rob, being my ever willing helper when it comes to readying the house for events (I’m blessed) was working on vacuuming when he asks me “What’s the water in the hallway from?” Well this is not the story I was going to tell tonight either so let’s just leave it at Rob working all night to suck tremendous amounts of water (thanks stupid washer and drain system) out of our carpet, linoleum and from under the baseboards and me trying then to do everything else.

Then there was the party all morning but not before getting us up, breakfasted, dressed, Gabe off to school, the last of the cleaning and baking cinnamon rolls (that turned out REALLY good by the way but also not the story I meant to tell tonight). Then after the party I put Gideon and Elias down for naps, Zion asked to stay up as she always does. (This is the story I want to tell.) I was brave or crazy, not sure which, and told her if she could color quietly she could stay up while I lay down on the couch and napped. While I was drifting off I felt her at my feet and opened an eye, she was giving me her Marie. The very same Marie that caused much ado at her birthday party. Her current, treasured lovie (elephant still holds a place in her heart but she’s a fickle creature these days). I am reminded of the time that I was sick and Gideon brought me all his lovies and covered me with his own precious blanky. My kids, I just love them. They are so sweet and caring.

I gushed appropriately at her gift and put my head back down. Later as I became aware that I had actually fallen good and asleep (and needed to check the time to see if I need to get up for Gabe to come home) I looked over my shoulder, Zion was not at her place coloring. Uh oh. A scan of the room revealed her curled up on our other loveseat, under her blanky, Eva by her side, both of them fast asleep. I smile, I guess staying up through nap isn’t nearly as exciting as she thought it was going to be. Either that or the party wiped her out too. Like mother like daughter I guess. AND I get to roll over and go back to sleep, it’s not quite time for Gabe to come home from school and Elias and Gideon are still sleeping too. I just love ‘em.

ETA: No, Emily, you are definitely NOT the only one to mix up your kids' names LOL (I fixed it). I'm not nearly as bad as I was to begin with but when Elias was born I called him Gideon about 90% of the time, speaking and writing, for probably the first two months. And whenever I'm going to list more than one child I nearly always start with Gabe even when he's not one of the children involved. Too bad my brain doesn't have an instant "find and replace" feature like my computer does. ;)

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Emily Schueler said...

Julie-True this is a cute story and I very much enjoyed it, but what did my heart so much good was seeing that you mixed up your children and said you were putting "Gabe and Elias" down for naps. I am so thrilled to know it is not just me that calls my kids by the wrong name.