Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gobble, Gobble

I know, I know, I’m a bit late.  Thanksgiving was, like, so last month.  Still, I have the pictures so you’re getting’ ‘em.  Especially after wondering the whole week if we would even make it out of our house for Thanksgiving.  That was the week we got all the snow.


Each child go to pack their own bag of things to keep busy, Gideon chose trains and tracks.  Too bad Tantie Jamie won’t fit in the bag for taking back home.

DSC_4735Rob’s Great Uncle Duane didn’t have plans this year, he usually goes to a friend’s house, so he got to join us.  He is the only relative from Rob’s side of the family that lives out here.  I can’t recall exactly how long he has been out here but it’s decades now.  He was a mail carrier for years and it shows.  Every time we receive a letter that has been meticulously addressed, stamped and taped and taped and taped (goodness, what does he think is going to happen to it anyway) and taped, I think he must have taken his job very seriously.


What would Thanksgiving be without an overabundance of electronics.  Hmph.  It’s nice to think about anyway.


Every baby needs Tantie time.


Jamae and Joey, all tuckered out after Joey tried to catch his own Thanksgiving bird.


Not a turkey, Joey!  Not a turkey!!!  This poor guy (a variegated thrush I found out later) was “invited” to Thanksgiving by Joey.  By invited I mean batted multiple times to drop him from a thick bush, carried at top speed across the yard and then wrenched from Joey’s mouth by Carol, Jamie’s friend.  I didn’t hold out hope for this fellow, one leg seemed odd but there was no blood and his feathers were a mess which made it hard to tell if there were breaks so I put him in a box in a dark, quiet room for a while.  Carol and Zion went to check on him and we heard what seemed like feathers and little birdie nails scratching on the cardboard.  I think it was Carol who screamed a little and then Zion came walking out and breathlessly stated “I think he woked up.” 

He did seem more alert and upright so we put the box out in the front where Joey couldn’t get him and opened the flaps checking on him periodically.  Finally on one trip out the box was empty.  Fly away little bird (and stay out of THIS yard from now on). 

Just a little excitement to make this Thanksgiving memorable.


Dillinger Family said...

oh my gosh...Getting a box open from Uncle D is a HUGE task...usually that requires at least one knife :) Glad to see that he was able to join you guys for Thanksgiving.

Forest Wife said...

Julie - I so love your posts, even if they are late. :) Loved your little Joey vs bird story. Take care of you and your wonderful little family.! <3