Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sixth Love Language

So, a few weeks ago Gabe whispers to me while we’re having a chat (about what I don’t remember) “I love Daddy just a smidge (fingers held slightly apart) more than I love you.”

I immediately started to laugh but then realization set in and I admit I was a little hurt. But it was still funny.

Today when I Gabe got home from school I told him that there was a Phineas and Ferb Christmas special on (Phineas and Ferb is a TV show that he loves but doesn’t get to watch but rarely) and that I was recording it for him (it started at 3, long before he gets home from school).

And do you know what he told me? He said “That brings you up even with how much I love Daddy.”

I said “It’s the little things isn’t it?” mostly joking.

He said “Every time you do something for me it fills up a heart.” (Can you tell this kid plays video games? For those not in the know, many video game characters have “hearts” and when they get wounded it takes away part of a heart.)

I said “I make lunch for you every day and…”

He cut me off, “That’s a quarter of a heart.”

Wow. Tough crowd.

He continues “I’ve had 58 days of school so far this year, how much is that.”

Oh Lord, doesn’t he know that I married his daddy so I wouldn’t have to do math anymore. Where is that guy when I needed him?

“Um, I think it’s 14 1/2.”

As I was washing dishes later I was thinking how he links his idea of feeling loved to what he’s experienced in video games and thought “Wow, a sixth love language.” I was cracking myself up with my cleverness. Then I realized. Wait – Acts of Service is an ACTUAL love language. Duh! First I was so funny now I’m back to being a dork. Yes, sometimes I’m a little slow on the uptake. I never knew this about Gabe before, I’d always pegged him as a “Quality Time” kind of kid. So hey, it’s been a good day. I learned Gabe’s love language so it will be easier for me to make him feel loved AND I pulled even with Rob.


Emily Schueler said...

Love when God reveals something more to us about our kids and how they are programmed. I also love the Gabe can verbalize how what it does to his heart so well. Oh, and I'm really glad you pulled even with Rob. Never seems fair when the mommy is at all behind!

Cedar said...

Those kids that need acts of service! So much work! What is wrong with a good cuddle?