Sunday, December 5, 2010

Have A Ball

(I figured out the photo size issue and now I’m going to play with the font. Why? Because I can. Ha! And you all get to be my unwitting Guinea Pigs. Except now that I told you I’m not sure if you’re technically unwitting anymore. Darn. Moving on.)

The post in which I make a lot of unnecessary explanations.

When Gideon turned one we (and by “we” I mean me because Rob was deployed at the time) got him a ball pit for his birthday. Well, at first we just had the balls and I’d put them in a laundry basket for him to play in but I eventually found a pop-up ball pit that suited our (and by “our” I mean me again, only really I mean my because me doesn’t fit in this sentence) needs.

One of the reasons why I love this toy is that the kids love it so. Really, really love it. Another, more important reason is that it can pretty much disappear completely when we’re not using it (and by “we’re” I mean they’re, ‘cause I don’t use it personally).

Ah, so anyway, I got it out for the kids the other day. I thought that it would be so sweet if Elias could play too and then realized that would kind of be really stupid because they get a little (and by “a little” I mean a LOT) nutty in the ball pit and I wouldn’t want him to get hurt.

So I made him his own ball pit.


And he really liked it. This was a couple of weeks ago and I think he’d like it even more now because in just that short span of time he is already SO much better at sitting up and at getting things up to his mouth which of course is how babies of this age learn about their world. And who doesn't want to learn about ball pits?


And of course the other kids got to go crazy without me (and by “me” I mean me) spouting “Be careful of your brother!” every 30 seconds (or more).


Apparently the ball pit is not only fun to play in but also to take a pretend nap in. I’m all for pretend naps. They’re just like the real thing only they aren’t actually sleeping. If the kids are quiet and in one place and not making a mess or being naughty I don’t really care if there is sleeping involved or not.


‘nigh night. Winking smile

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