Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deck The Halls

We finally got a tree and it even though it sat in the garage for days it is now up and decorated. And even though it took another day the rest of the house is decorated too. The kids were thrilled that I let them have some of the things I wasn’t going to use for the house this year for their rooms.

I don’t particularly enjoy decorating for Christmas (and don’t even ask me about taking all that stuff down and putting it away again). I think I can get into it sometimes but this year our calendar was just packed and the decorating was squeezed in instead of savored. I was pleasantly surprised, however, at how much the kids helped. I was so surprised I was confused. I mean, it’s only been a year since did this last and Gabe and Zion at least should have been helpers last year too but I don’t remember any of that. Then it dawned on me. I think Rob and I did the majority of our decorating last year while the kids napped. NEVER again. They are much to useful now. They just took over and I mostly just got to direct and take care of Elias who was not quite as useful as the others.

Zion needed some encouragement to find places for knick knacks besides the floor and lowest window DSC_4758sills. Gideon would go to hang an ornament on the tree and place the ball where he wanted it but didn’t quite understand the whole hook process so then I’d hear “Hewp, Mama.”Right hee-o” (Help, Mama. Right here.) I would come to the rescue, hang the ball and he’d dash off to get another so we could repeat these steps over and over again.


I had to stop decorating entirely to do a few things (you know, diapers, bottles, make dining…little things) and the kids finished all on their own. The tree might be a titch uneven having more ornaments on the bottom than on the top but it looks great! I’m so glad that I find their imperfections perfect. I had nothing but praise for them, didn’t move a single ornament and they are so proud of themselves. That’s their tree. It warms my heart.


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