Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Twelve Days of Julie

If I could choose 78 items for my true love to give to me this is what I’d choose:

Twelve fish a swimming, (easy since I already have that)

Eleven chickens clucking, (and laying)

Ten acres for living, (at least)

Nine days per week, (since I’m bothering to dream here I may as well dream big)

Eight hours of sleep, (yep, dreaming BIG)

Seven stalls so cozy, (one extra ‘cause you just never know what will follow you home)

Six horses for riding, (one for each of us)

FIVE SKEINS OF YARN! (worth far more than gold in my opinion)

Four meowing cats, (halfway there)

Three guard dogs, (which could have also been “two friends for Towzer”)

Two hungry goats, (AKA “weed-eaters”)

and a personal assistant to ME.


Hey, I had a fun time writing my Twelve Days of Julie, maybe you’ll have fun writing your own Twelve Days of … And because if you do write one and I’d like to read it I’m going to go all fancy and see if I can get a Mr. Linky to work. So if you write one and blog about it come back and link here. It will be fun, promise. Smile

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