Monday, December 13, 2010

37 Years Ago

I was born. Elias wanted to celebrate early. I was up with him at 3AM and at 5AM. Hmph. Would have been really great to get some sleep on my birthday so that I could enjoy my birthday without being tired and funny headed. Eva wanted to celebrate early. She stepped on Zion’s radio and turned it on FULL BLAST scaring the crud out of the poor girl causing her to scream in terror. That happened at 7AM.

I wonder if this attributed to Zion’s heightened emotional state throughout the morning. This included a serious meltdown over having a waffle versus an english muffin for breakfast.

Gabe celebrated by forgetting his backpack at home and not remembering until we had pulled up at the bus stop and were getting out. Normally I would just let him deal with the consequences of forgetting his bag but today did not feel like that slight guilty feeling that you get when you know you’re doing the right thing with a consequence but it still doesn’t feel good. And I thought we could make it back in time (which we did). Sad to say I peeled out a bit in the soft gravel trying to turn the van around in a hurry and the other parent already at the bus stop got to hear me scream “I KNOW!!” at the top of my lungs in a not very pretty voice to Gabe who felt it necessary to shout in a panic that the side door was still open.

Happy birthday to me.

There were some additional lows but some mediums too (birthday highs happened on other days, keep reading). I got to visit a friend’s house with the kids and actually got to knit half a row of an 8x8 square I’m knitting for a project I don’t think I’ll ever be able to talk about. That’s a long story. My hostess was sweet though as usual and there weren’t too many issues over toys (Gideon seems to think his life will end if another child so much as looks at a toy he is playing with).

Rob made me peppermint brownies with peppermint ice cream instead of cake and ice cream and THAT was super yummy. The kids are now in bed and I should pick up my knitting again while I can.

IMG_0254Oh, but first I should add the best parts of celebrating my birthday. Rob took me to The Melting Pot for a birthday dinner. A couple from our Bible study volunteered to watch the kids so we got to be out AND not pay a babysitter (killer!). That was last Saturday. This Saturday Rob is taking me to see the traveling Harry Potter exhibit which is visiting Seattle. I’m really looking forward to that. The kids are getting to go play with my sister while we are there so I know they will be having a blast too. Also last Saturday we had our family pictures updated. I used that as an excuse to not do my own hair. I washed it and went to a salon and had it styled and loosely curled and I got to hear people tell me that my hair looked so pretty all day (hard to see in this picture). It was totally worth the money for the compliments and to not have to do it myself. It took the pro 45 minutes to dry and curl my hair. And she had professional grade tools. And my kids weren’t there. This would have been impossible at home for so many reasons.

IMG_0253We ordered the Disaronno Meltdown for dessert (white chocolate and Disaronno). Oh. My. Word. I could have drank that from a cup if they would have let me, no dipping necessary. But hey, as long as they were there I might as well dip. The dipped Rice Krispy Treats ended up being my favorite. But the whole thing was SO good. A fantastic way to end the day. Well, technically we then went to Toys R Us to drop off the toys we bought for Toys For Tots and that was good too.

OK, NOW I’m off to do a little knitting. Ta ta!

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Marfa said...

Mmmm...peppermint brownies and ice cream! Rob is so sweet. Melting Pot sounds really good to me...