Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He's Good Medicine

So today I woke up so super tired. Maybe from the marathon doctor's meeting yesterday or maybe I'm picking up the kids' cold. Who knows. So later in the day I laid down and closed my eyes for a short while. I could hear Gabe and Zion playing Legos at the kitchen table when I felt a little bump at my knee. I looked up expecting my third Little to need me for something. No. He was sweetly covering me with his blanky. His own blanky. Not one of the hundreds, at least dozens, we have laying around the house but his very own special blanky. Then he padded away and showed back up a few seconds later presenting me with his precious dog. Aw. But the sweetness didn't end there. Off he goes, I lay my head back down and suddenly he returns with his Elmo. Now I have all his favorite lovies. But a few seconds later he returns again and gives me his milk cup. I must be all taken care of by now. Nope. One more thing. He appears one last time and hands me a Baby Einstein board book he must have personally picked off the bookshelf just for me. My heart is practically bursting by now. What thoughtful gestures from a little guy who isn't even two yet.


Forest Wife said...

Oh Julie - your post brings tears to my eyes. You truely are blessed! And so are your little ones to have you for their mommy. Get better quickly.

My Three Sons said...

That is soooo sweet. Those are the moments us mothers love to cherish. What a great boy you have.