Monday, January 25, 2010

Tap The Obsession

Zion lately has become obsessed with washing the downstairs bathroom sink. I would often find the hand towel left in the sink, sometimes soaking wet and rendered completely worthless for any sort of drying. Once I even found her elephant, yes The Elephant, in the sink. She told me she was washing the sink with it. Nice.

Also lately I've been wondering what will make a good chore for Zion's first. Gabe started when he was 4 and has been feeding the dog twice a day since. I bought a flip top plastic bin and a measuring cup, yep, measuring was the task for him. Zion only just turned 3 but it felt like the timing was good to introduce a chore for her. Then it hit me. The sink! Why not just have her do what she's been doing all along only make it official?

So I knit Zion her very own Tribble which now resides on the back of the sink in that worthless perfect little shallow they make for soap. She "washes" the sink at least three times a day and proudly announces when she's doing so. So she has a new sense of purpose, my towels get stay high and dry and I get a somewhat cleaner sink (and a reason to knit). Win/win.

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