Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spa Day

Has anyone ever had their child's hair develop a slime coat? Well, a coating that is slimy when wet but then dries all crusty and chunky and weird. This happened to Zion's hair recently. The bottom four inches anyway. I wondered if it was from swimming all the time but I still couldn't figure out why. I mean, dry hair due to the pool chemicals yes, but weird slime? Weird. Well, one step short of cutting off her pretty hair I went out and found some special swim shampoo that is formulate to remove chlorine. On the day I resolved to scrub her hair clean I didn't really feel like giving her a full bath. I'm lazy like that. So with the prospect of laying her out on the kitchen counter to wash just her hair in the sink ahead of me I told her she was going to get a spa day.

I laid the fluffiest towel I could find out on the counter and had another hand towel to make a neck roll. Zion cooperated quite well. It may have been because I told her I would paint her fingernails afterward. And her toenails.

Which is exactly what we did. With her hair up in a towel and her hands on a pillow I painted all her nails a soft pink that my mother would have loved (and would have made me gag when I was younger). She loved her spa day.

Her hair is a lot better but I'm not entirely convinced it doesn't still feel a little slimy when it's wet but at least it's not drying crunchy. We have been on break from swim class over the holidays so we'll see after the next session is in full swing. What's the worst that will happen, Princess Zion will get another spa day. :)


Brandy said...

You could also add a bit of baking soda to her shampoo next time you do a bath and that may help as well.

I used to get buildup from all the hairspray and mousse used back in the day and I would bring a mug with a bit of baking soda into shower with me, add shampoo and mix with finger in the mug then apply.

It REALLY helped to strip the yucks from all the product. Conditioner is a must afterwards.

Steve & Sarabeth said...

You have such good ideas! And you take the time to carry them out. It's stuff like this that your kids will remember fondly!

Tiffany said...

What an absolute doll! day... Sounds much better than "let's get the slime out of your hair day" :)

Miss you!

My Three Sons said...

What a lucky girl. I own a day spa and never get to utilize our services anymore...sigh...