Saturday, December 26, 2009

Saturday Funnies

First of all, I hope that you had a fantastic Christmas holiday! We had a fun day, especially the part where we went to my sister's. The kids are in heaven there with their Tantie. I will blog more about Christmas later and may even wrangle some pictures from my brother to post (since I didn't break my camera out). For now a few funnies to share.

Let me preface with the fact that my sister has a really big dog. Said dog only has three legs. He's always only had three legs since my sister got him and that was long before Zion came along. Apparently this went unnoticed to Zion. We had been at my sister's for a while and Captain, the huge Akita/German Shepherd mix (I don't know how you can miss that a dog that big hops everywhere) was standing in the middle of the room. All of the sudden Zion gasps and shouts "Oh no! He's missing a yeg!"

Later while we were opening presents I tried to quietly and discretely stop Gabe from well, doing something not so proper. He doesn't really get the discrete part though and turns and loudly says to me "I still pick my nose but I don't eat it anymore." Nice. Lovely. Now go get a Kleenex.

Lastly, this morning we are all enjoying sleeping in. As usual, Gideon is the first to wake. He is soon to be 20 months old and has been making leaps and bounds in the language area. Apparently the humor area as well as we are fairly certain that he was making an attempt at telling knock knock jokes in his crib. We heard him say "kno' kno'!" ... "there?" then gobbledygook, blah blah blah and some such nonsense. Over and over again. What a comedian.


My Three Sons said...

I don't know, the picking the nose is probably going to make the best of the year funnies. LOL

Carson is really into the knock, knock, jokes as well. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth after you say "who's there".

Glad you all had a great Christmas.

Marfa said...

I love how children miss things like a missing leg! Precious. We should all be like that.

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Aw, got to love the "knock knock" jokes from Gideon. How sweet!