Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who Knew?

That my kids would find it so darn exciting to go car shopping. Seriously enjoyed. Like they were at Disneyland.

We didn't want a new car. I loved my Freestyle . Really, really loved it. It was stylish and fast, lots of storage room, seated 7. It was paid off which made it even more attractive. Sadly, we had to come to grips with the fact that it was no longer going to suit our needs. Granted, we have a few more months before it was truly no longer going to work but once we realized it was going to be necessary to trade it in we just did it. *sniff* I now drive a *gulp* minivan. Still seats 7 but has the three-seat row in the back and captains chairs in the middle giving the kids and us easy access to those in the back who may need help with carseats (or who fall asleep and need to be carried in). The Freestyle had the three-seat row in the middle and you have to fold down part of the seat to gain access to the back. We had Gideon on one side of the middle row and Zion and Gabe in the back row. We could still fold down the seat and let the kids back.

So, why, you ask, if it was working did we have to get rid of it? Well. Why do you think? Come June (or maybe July) we'll need to add a fourth carseat. *grin*

As I said, the kids really enjoyed car shopping. Gabe fell head over heals for the first one we test drove, a Chrysler Town and Country. He cried when we told him we were going to keep looking but he got better each time. The kids jumped on every seat of each car we looked at, squealing in laughter. The Town and Country was beautiful and had tons of cool features. It is pretty much the same thing as a Dodge Caravan however and I really hate those. Won't go into why. We also checked out a GMC Acadia. Hello, Gorgeous! I was in love. Sadly, while the seat arrange for 7 was better that the Freestyle there is absolutely NO room for say, a stroller. Almost no room even for a diaper bag. Whilst at the GMC lot we also looked at the Yukon Denali. Bigger but the same problem. (How can these beasts be so BIG and have NO storage I wonder.) So I could have looked at bigger, those Suburbans are pretty handsome these days (and I just noticed coming home today a BRAND new shiny black one in my neighbor's driveway across the street). But Rob doesn't like to drive bigger and bigger just means more expensive, both initially and in gas. So no, not really interested.

After that we went home to nap the kids and I poked around on line (some more) and read about the Honda Odyssey. Aside from still having a hard time spelling it (um, double D single S or vice versa and, really, TWO Ys?) I learned it is the highest rated minivan out there.

Long story only slightly shortened at this point, we bought one and said Adios to the Freestyle (still holding back the tears). A 2006 which happened to come with a DVD player and navigation screen. Naturally the kids are thrilled with the DVD player. Funnily enough Gabe said he liked this one better because of the small storage compartment next to where his booster seat sits. Crazy what kids end up loving. So the T&C had a few nicer options but all around the Honda seemed a better quality vehicle and had some nice features itself.

Last night is when we brought it home. I told the car it was going to take me a while but right now I didn't love it. It's going to take me a while. I may never love it, in fact. But sometimes you gotta do for family and I did what I had to do.

So, now the cat's outta the bag. I knew I couldn't keep it a secret once friends started seeing me in my new ride. Anyone who knows me well knows how I feel about my cars and how I feel about minivans. The jig is up. And me? I'm exhausted, hungry most of the time and have been dealing with stomach aches but no real morning sickness. Only a little nausea and smell aversion. Counting down the weeks until June. :) Oh, and I apologize if you're family and finding out this way. We're trying to let the people closest to us know personally but, like I said, rumors were about to start flying and I couldn't deny any questions.


The Schueler Family said...

That's a lot of woohooing for:
1)Another peanut in the family
2)You joined the group of Odyssey owners (except this mama has always dreamed of that minivan and is madly in love with hers)

Congrats you guys!

Steve & Sarabeth said...

Again, congratulations!!

My Three Sons said...

I have a Yukon XL and love it. Just don't love the gas tank.

I have the one with the three row in the back, and the two captain chairs in the middle. I got the XL because of the fact that I needed to trunk space and it works well. I haven't even had mine 2 1/2 years and with all of Cody's soccer, we have traveled 11 states with some multiple times. I have just under 70K on it for miles. But the gas isn't great. I get about 15 miles a gallon so it can be costly.

As far as your new addition.....Congrats! That is really great news. You are one of those mom's that I can read about and just see how wonderful of a mommy you are. The newest peanut is so lucky to be blessed by you and your husband.

Marfa said...

Wow...your family is growing! I'm so excited for you!!!

Kelly McG said...

hehe, congrats again. My kids favorite bonus on our van (a Toyota minivan) is the storage compartment beside their seats. Funny how kids get excited over those things.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

where have I been?! Congratulations and sorry I didn't say that earlier!!!

I would be willing to go with the minivan, but my husband keeps saying, "WE are NOT van people!" Men!