Sunday, November 29, 2009

That's Using Your Head

A moment with Zion. Tonight at bedtime we told the kids that Rob had to be away for a few days on business. I told them that we would have swim class two of the nights though and that would help the time to pass quickly. Zion was suddenly sad. At first I thought it was because Rob had to go for a few days. She was mumbling though so I couldn't tell what she said except the words "nursery" and "wet hair". It was clearly distressing her but it was not about Rob. As it turns out she wanted to go play with the toys in nursery after her lesson but didn't want to go with wet hair. Suddenly a gasp and a smile. Arms fly up in realization, "I know" she squeals. "We can go BEFORE swim class!" What a problem solver. How to avoid playing with wet hair. What a girl!

Now she's ecstatic and for Zion you know that means she jumping and probably singing about something. She is back to being excited about her swim class. She yells "I'm going to do a really good bob!" Jumps up, sucks in her breath and then collapses to the floor in an imitation of going under water in class. She's so darn cute.


My Three Sons said...

Smart girl. I love watching Carson try to figure conflicts out as well. It is amazing how smart they are for such little girls and guys.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

The Schueler Family said...

Sorry Rob, next to swim lessons and nursery you just may be chopped liver.