Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Right now it is rainy and cold and very windy outside. I spent the day inside thoroughly enjoying the blustery day (my favorite kind of day). Last week Zion and Gideon ran fevers, this weekend it was Gabe's turn. I also ended up not feeling well and that was a big bummer because I opted to stay home from my nieces birthday party. The two hour round trip seemed a bit much for me today. So I stayed home and colored. I love to color, especially when I don't feel well. It's like comfort food. I'm kind of excited too because of what I am coloring.

Should I tell you or make you wait?

Oh, OK, I'll tell. Don't get all pushy on me. ;)

Last year I bought a Christmas coloring book. The pages are like velum. Thick and see through and have a variety of Christmas scenes in a stained glass style. Last year I wanted to color them and hang them in the windows but didn't get to it (big surprise there, huh?). So a little late but having fun and they are turning out really well. I will post pictures. I think they are going to look so cool with the light shining through them, just like real stained glass. Mostly.


Kim W said...

Oh, I know what you mean! I, too, love to color; haven't done it for a while (my girls are 21 & 18, so I have no newer coloring books). Way back when I was young & single, living in my own apt & struggling to pay those bills, I couldn't afford x-stitch goods, so I bought the 64-count Crayolas & a nice book & would color. I worked w/the public in a demanding job, so it was, as you so aptly said, "comfort food" for my tired mind.

Blessings from Ohio...

Forest Wife said...

Julie I can't wait to see your pictures. I know what you mean about coloring - Yep, I agree with you that it is like comfort food!