Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tuesday I was out running errands with the kids, one of our stops included Target. They convinced me to get a pretzel to share (like I needed much convincing) and Gabe asked how they were made (he's really into how things are made these days) so I told him we would make some. He thought I was kidding. Silly goose.

Wednesday morning I said "let's make pretzels!" waiting for the cheers of joy. Well, let's just say I'm still waiting. OK, Zion was actually the one who was excited, Gabe had apparently gotten over the mysterious origins of pretzels by then.

I'm beginning to think the only reason she likes to help in the kitchen is so that she can get messy.

She was very happy to help with mixing and rolling...

...but when it came to the part of the recipe that said "apply approximately 1 tablespoon of flour to assistants face" she was stellar. Wait a second! Do you think she made that part up? I guess that would make sense since she can't read yet.

We made lightly salted letters, twisted ones with cinnamon and sugar and rings with garlic butter. Yum! And really easy. I was actually surprised at how easy they were.

I asked Gabe to smile for the next shot. Alas, he is one of those kids who can't smile for pictures. His face looks like I just stomped on his foot. This one is actually the better of the two. I'm hoping he grows out of it.

Zion, on the other hand, is back to being my star model for photos and gives me great smiles. Though I do need to do better at combing her hair first. My fault.



Jessy said...

Fun! Tucker is really loving helping in the kitchen, too. I hope that isn't a phase...

Steve & Sarabeth said...

That's a great idea!

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

ok, so where did you get your easy recipe, and, also, where did you get that cut roller thing? It looks a lot like pampered chef . .

Julie said...

Laura, I'll post the recipe. Yes, the roller is Pampered Chef. I don't even have a traditional rolling pin anymore which actually makes me kind of sad because I like the old-fashionedness of them. Maybe I'll have to go out and get one just so my kids can learn to use a proper roller too. :)