Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Lite

Though Fall is my favorite season and I decorate my house in a Fall theme almost as much as I do for Christmas, Halloween has dropped on my list of favorite holidays since I was a child. Every year we kind of revisit if and how we'll participate in the traditional festivities. I firmly believe that this decision is up to each Christian as to what is right for their family and that God will direct them in that decision. I only mention this because I have many friends, in real life and in the blogging world, that run the gamut of celebrating in every way and those who completely abstain. We kind of do "Halloween Lite". We carved our pumpkin which you saw on an earlier post. I'm really bummed that we didn't get to Jamie's for the annual carving party though, that's always a blast. Well, except kind of for last year when it ended up with Zion in the ER.

The night of Halloween was cold, windy and brought us off and on downpours so we elected to bypass trick-or-treating (kind of glad to have a reason to be honest) and skipped right ahead to the Pumpkin Patch Bash which is located in our local high school and put on by one of the churches in town.

There is a mountain of candy. This is AFTER they have already loaded the dozens of booths and activities with their stash to start. I don't even want to know how many cavities this represents.

Their common area of the high school is lined with game booths. Simple things for pretty much every age. Here Gabe, er... I mean Mario, is tossing beanbags to knock the crows of the scarecrow. I thought that was a pretty clever change to the normal beanbag toss type game.

Gideon, or should I say "Frankenstein's Monster", really, really enjoyed his lolly pop. The only thing I might change about this event as we've gone two years now is the amount of candy they give at each booth. Literally one of two HANDfulls. At EACH booth. A little overboard if you ask me. But, it lasts our kids all year long. Their buckets stay in the pantry and they only get pieces now and again.

Stopping for a photo op on the way out to the pony rides. Mario sans hat and cape, the "monster" and our little princess (a good use for her birthday dress that is now in the dress-up box).

Gabe and Zion have loved pony rides since they were born practically so it never even crossed my mind that Gideon might take issue with one. He did. Loudly. The family running the ride kindly suggested that he just walk with Gideon next to the pony which Gideon didn't mind at all really. Just don't put him back ON the hairy beast of terror.

Back at home I grab Gabe and Zion for another quick pic with the pumpkin.

Then so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, good night...

...and Mommy and Daddy are left to answer the doorbell a few dozen times (seriously and that's only between 8 and 9) before getting some quiet ourselves.

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