Monday, November 2, 2009

Look Who's Coming To Dinner

Or came to dinner I should say. We were very excited to have Rob's mom, Marlene, and his Aunt Jerri come stay with us a while. The kids latched on to them like they got to see them every day (despite Gideon's expression in this picture). Which was great to see and also gave me a bit of a break.

Maisy was kind of a stinker. She just wanted to go out. And yowled. And yowled. Even cuddles from Aunt Jerri couldn't satisfy.

Gabe and Zion lovin' on Grandma.

We got to take them to some of our favorite places to eat and we spent a lot of time staying dry at home since it rained a ton while they were here (but it was raining at their home too so I didn't feel too bad - ha ha) and we got to have Zion's third birthday party. She wanted to have a princess party and she got a princess party! I will come back on soon and post pics. Honestly, I haven't been to eager to blog lately because Blogspot, which has always been difficult to uplaod photos, has gotten even worse. I'm contemplating switching blog hosts but for now am just reluctant to spend too much time here. I'm bummed about that. So anyway, pics of Zion's birthday soon!

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