Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why Do I Think Today Is Wednesday

Who knows? This week is going to go by fast enough without my accelerating it that way. Yesterday was perhaps the quietest day according to the calendar. We were home for most of it but I did get away for a knit group meeting (sounds like a 12-step program).

This morning I had MOPS. That always makes for a busy morning. I rush off to get to the meeting then rush back to get Gabe to the bus stop on time. Tuesday nights the kids have swim class so that's where we were tonight. The love it like I've mentioned. Gabe and Zion are totally brave in the water now. Going under, kicking, paddling...just have to work on floating but Gabe is having breakthroughs. I tell him if he can float for 3 seconds he can float forever. Gideon is a splashing fiend. We have him and Zion in the same class though he's technically too young for it and Gabe has his in the same pool at the same time only with a different teacher. The sessions are usually about 5 weeks long so things can shift around a lot. Right now it's perfect.

Tomorrow is a busy, busy day from start to finish and then Thursday we welcome Rob's mom and aunt for a visit. We are all excited about that! A certain little girl is about to turn 3 so there are party preparations as well. So definitely no need to rush the week.

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