Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Party Day!

That's what we say in our house when we celebrate a birthday not on the birthday. Today was Zion's birthday party day. I am just so impressed by what a young lady she is turning out to be (when she's not burping or trouncing her brothers). She's FOUR (well, almost)!

Behind that cute smile is a super funny, sweet girl with a ton of energy and a huge creative streak.

And today we sang "Happy Birthday" and she blew out her candles (funny story, I only put 3 candles on her cake until our little friend Isaac said "Isn't she turning 4?" I'm such a dork.)

Gideon got to enjoy his cake with soy ice cream. We've had success in introducing soy into his diet with no noticeable effects - yay!

First Zion wanted a unicorn party. Then she asked for a kitten party. Finally, while we were at the party supply store she settled on a Hello Kitty party.

Our little friend Sarah enjoying the wand that came with the Tinkerbell jammies (which you don't know about because you haven't seen yet).

Those jammies.

We and her Grandma Marlene were able to treat Zion to some new clothes and winter coats. She loves the jammies. We'll see if she'll wear the coats. This girl seems impervious to cold.

Zion got another addition to her collection of Disney Princess dolls. (Funny story. Her first doll came early by accident when she was visiting Tantie Jamie who had purchased Belle for Zion's birthday and forgot to hide the doll when Zion visited in August. I guess dorkdom runs in the family. Just kidding, Jamie!)

Since there was no doll waiting for Zion's birthday Jamie and family gave Zion The Aristocats movie and a stuffed Marie kitty. I think she likes them. :)

Gideon flipped over the kitty, too. uh oh I sense some tension in the future.

Ah ha ha ha! I got the kitty!

Watching The Aristocats after the presents were all opened.

Joey, our littlest guest (Jamae's puppy), finally got Towzer's attention through the glass door.

Aw, someone's all tuckered out.

A close up of cute little Joey.

Zion went to bed in her Tinkerbell jammies, with her new unicorn Pillow Pet, the Ariel doll, and the stuffed Marie kitty (wresting it from Gideon's grip with my help) and she said she loved her birthday party and she was so sincere when she said it. I just love that girl. My princess.


Marfa said...

I love her polka dot top...and I Hello Kitty is pretty cool.

Kristen Victor said...

Happy Birthday Zion! I hope all your wishes come true!

(My Oct. '06 birthday girl Arabella also got a unicorn pillow pet for a present this year and loves it to bits!)