Saturday, October 9, 2010

Merry Last Christmas And More

This blog post isn't nearly as overdue as some of these projects were.

These slippers were my gift to my sister for LAST Christmas. I hope they were worth the wait.

Close up of the cute button (which I can take no credit for, she picked it out).

My attempt at drawing coffee cups on the bottoms. A cute detail (I hope anyway) but also the puffy paint makes them non-skid.

Another belated Christmas gift, a jewelry frame for Jamae. It is black lace over white satin to match her room colors. I even used her actual wall paint to repaint the frame.

Last year two of us gals in MOPS knitted bibs for moms who had babies (well, for the babies but you know what I mean). We ran out of girl bibs though and one mom had twin girls at the end of the year. She also moved to an area that has more extreme temperatures than here so I offered to knit hats instead.

Two summers ago we went to a local art festival where a couple of women were demonstrating spinning and selling some of their yarn. I picked up this soft, chunky yarn which has been sitting in a basket waiting for me to be inspired by a pattern. Found one! Now it's a cowl to keep my neck warm during this winter which is predicted to be very, very cold.

Speaking of warm necks, I knit this one for my cousin, Noah who got married last weekend. He and his bride, Crystal, have a little farm with a bunch of critters so they'll need to keep warm this winter, too. This one is his.

This one is hers.

I picked natural wooden buttons to go with the vine pattern.

And this is what I'm working on now. It doesn't look like much now but it will be a bunny for Elias. I'm getting a lot of practice at picking up stitches which is where you create live stitches off of an existing piece of knitting. The whole project is knit my picking up stitches and knitting the bunny parts one at a time and stuffing it as you go. I can't wait to finish this one!

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Marfa said...

What a knitter you are...those slippers are so pretty...I would've picked out some natural buttons...wood!!! I crocheted a bunny...but your knit one looks much finer.