Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So Yeah...

... once I was on this roll and posted three posts in one day! Wow! That was cool. Too bad I flaked right after that and then didn't post again for nearly a month. Sheesh, that's almost a third of Elias' life.

Of course, my lack of posting lately could have something to do with Elias. Rob traveled for work twice. Naturally this means Elias' sleeping habits had to go down the drain. They, and we, still haven't recovered. I've also been on an outing or two with the kids, MOPS has started up again, I started a Zumba class which has a Bible study after (Me, Myself and Lies. I'm only two chapters in but I already highly recommend it) as well as AWANA and our Life Group (just another name for Bible study, Rob and I attend this together while Gabe and Zion are in AWANA) and last weekend we all took a little road trip to attend my cousin, Noah's, wedding (congrat, Noah and Crystal), not to mention that I finished FOUR knitting projects. Can we say busy with a capital "B"?

So we haven't dropped off the face of the Earth but I'm also really tired today. On top of not getting enough sleep right now Zion has a nasty cold and Gabe is complaining of a sore stomach.

I need a vacation.

More later.


Cedar said...

Having a blog means I read yours so much faster! Sorry you are so tired.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I'm right there with you (minus the trips, exercise, knitting projects and Bible studies.) Hee hee. I guess just with the 4 kids and the not posting :-)