Monday, October 11, 2010

Before He's Four Months

I should post some photos of my little-big three-month old. I have no idea his stats since he hasn't had a doctor appointment since his two-month check so there's nothing to report there. Just infinite cuteness.
Grins and giggles.
He's got a wicked awesome laugh. I did get it on video. Now I just need to get the video off the camera. Small details.

Stare down.
A little fuzzy but still cute. Taken in our hotel room a couple weekends ago when we went to my cousin's wedding.

Ain't The The Truth.
Not to much more to be said about this picture.

Nap time with daddy. Our foot rest makes a handy little hammock for babies. Elias, Gideon and Zion have all napped here. We didn't have the couch when Gabe was little.

Aw, he looks like such a boy here and not a baby. And he looks a lot like Gideon I think. We have started to call those two twins separated at conception, there are so many things alike between them.

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baby gifts said...

Oh.. How lovely he is! Yeah, I agree that he looks like a little boy on that last picture. :)