Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Loving Reminder keep praying for us. Not that I think y'all have stopped but I just thought it was worth repeating. We are down to two months until Rob's return home. I'm starting to feel butterflies every time I think about it, we are ALL so excited. That said, Rob got really, really sick recently and had to spend a few days in bed and receive fluids via IV. Apparently a possible stomach bug or food related illness is to blame as he is not the only one to have fallen ill. This happened at a time when I was just starting to breath a sigh of relief that possibly we here might actually be healthy for more than two days straight. Poor guy. I feel OK sharing this with you since I heard from him this morning and he is back on his feet and feeling better.

A few nights ago here it is very likely that we had an unwanted middle of the night visitor of the sort who is looking for things to carry off. After hearing noises and seeing that our back shed was open I called the local Sheriff's office which is only minutes from our house and three wonderful officer's searched our yard and found no one. Whew! I guess I should be glad that I don't have that shed organized enough to actually store anything in it. Ha ha on them.

And if you've been reading my blog for very long you've seen that our family is going through it this year and that's not even counting this surprise deployment.

So if I could ask that you could continue to pray for all of us, our health, safety, that we would thrive and not just survive during this time of separation and whatever else God puts on your heart.

Prayer works and if you have any doubt I'd like to remind you about my friend Lawanna. A little over a year ago I blogged that she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She and her family opted not to treat other than with prayer, at that time the doctors gave her about 6 weeks to live. A few weeks ago Lawanna stood up in front of our church to declare that her tumor had shrunk from the size of a golf ball to the size of a pea. How awesome is that?! Yeah, pretty awesome! God is good!


My Three Sons said...

I will pray for your family to settle down so you can catch a break and for Rob to continue to get better and stay well.

Your right, God does give us miracles and prayers really do work.

Hope your week is starting out right.

GRACE said...

You're definately in my prayers. Doesn't it feel good to be able to trust God during difficult times like the year you've been having? He really does have a plan for our lives, and all the pain or scary things we experience are ultimately for his glory. I think we'd be amazed if we could see God's big picture...
You don't know me, Julie, but I'm your cousin's daughter. I was sorry to hear about your mom, although I had only seen her a few times. --"Grace"